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Temple Life - Chiang Mai

Ever since I was young I was enthralled with Buddhism. I was first introduced to the idea reading J.D. Salinger as a pre-teen (most notable Teddy from Nine Stories) and realizing that anyone could be Buddhist, I became drawn to the ideas of harmony with the surrounding environment and the peace that leads to a more enlightened life. As I have grown to know Steph and her family I have become closer to the cultural elements of Buddhism and how it pertains to everyday life and the different ceremonies and milestones that we encounter in our lives. Slowly over time I have learned the etiquette surrounding interaction with monks and the methods of praying at a temple. Allowing these cultural elements to teach me about the evolution of Buddhism has supplemented what I have felt deep inside since I was a child: A oneness with nature and a consciousness of the ties between life, everything big is a version of something small and everything small is a version of something large, there is no end and no beginning, only circles.

"We know the sound of two hands clapping

but what is the sound of one hand clapping?"

-Zen koan

Enjoy these temple shots from in and around Chiang Mai

Temple Chiang Mun

This woman was selling doves for "release" for good luck.

The Temple at Doi Suhtep

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